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Advantage (trait)

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An '''advantage''' is any type of [[trait]] that represents a useful and distinctive characteristic of a [[character]], and which not every character will have (unlike core traits such as [[attribute]]s). Depending on the system, advantages may be rated like [[statistic]]s or binary options that character either have or do not have.
As opposed to [[Attributes]], an '''advantage''' is a useful traits that not everyone has.
Advantages provide a [[Game mechanic|mechanical]] benefit to a character, which may apply always or only in certain situations. Such a benefit could be increased chance of success during [[resolution]], increased [[effect]], more options during play (such as access to a new type of [[action]], [[skill]], or [[power]]), or any other positive change to the way the character interacts with the standard [[rules]] of the game.
Alternate terms: ''Merits'', ''Edges'', ''Schticks''.
Some game systems, more commonly [[point-based]] ones, may use advantages as the main way of [[build]]ing a character. Other games, such as [[class-based]] ones, may use them as optional extras to add personal touches to an already viable character.
Advantages are generally picked from a list in the game rules, but in some game systems might be freeform choices.
Advantages may be contrasted with [[flaw]]s, which are similar traits with a negative effect rather than positive, or [[distinction]]s, which may have both positive and negative effects.
==Examples of advantage traits==
The following is a list of specific types of advantages from published [[role-playing game]]s:
*'''[[Feat]]s''', as in [[class-based]] and [[D20 System]] games derived from [[Dungeons & Dragons third edition|''Dungeons & Dragons'' 3rd edition]]
*'''Advantages''', as in ''[[DC Heroes]]''
*'''Edges''', as in ''[[Savage Worlds]]''
*'''Merits''', as in ''[[Vampire: The Masquerade]]'' and other games by [[White Wolf Publishing]]
*'''Perks''', as in ''[[GURPS]]'' (in which it is a minor, 1-point advantage) and ''[[Hero System]]'' (in which it is a social advantage)
*'''Attributes''', as in the ''[[Tri-Stat dX]]'' system (but not to be confused with [[attribute]] traits)
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