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'''Advantage''' is a [[dice]] [[Game mechanic|mechanic]] that increases (in a [[roll-over]] game, which is more commonly) or decreases (in a [[roll-under]] game, less often) the likely result of a dice roll without affecting the range of possible results. Advantage is applied when a [[character]] is in a beneficial situation that should increase their odds of [[success]], and is an alternative to flat [[modifier]]s. A similar mechanic that reduces a character's odds of success is called [[disadvantage]]. Advantage was popularised by its use in [[Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition|''Dungeons & Dragons'' 5th edition]].
As opposed to [[Attributes]], an '''advantage''' is a useful traits that not everyone has.
Advantage works by rolling an additional die of the same type used in a standard roll, then ignoring the result from the lowest scoring die. That is, if an ordinary resolution roll would use a single [[d20]] (as in ''Dungeons & Dragons''), then rolling with advantage means rolling 2d20 and keeping only the higher result. If an ordinary roll would use 2[[d6]] (as in many [[Powered by the Apocalypse]] games), then rolling with advantage means rolling 3d6 and keeping only the highest 2 dice.
Alternate terms: ''Merits'', ''Edges'', ''Schticks''.

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As opposed to Attributes, an advantage is a useful traits that not everyone has.

Alternate terms: Merits, Edges, Schticks.

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