An advantage is any type of trait that represents a useful and distinctive characteristic of a character, and which not every character will have (unlike core traits such as attributes). Depending on the system, advantages may be rated like statistics or binary options that character either have or do not have.

Advantages provide a mechanical benefit to a character, which may apply always or only in certain situations. Such a benefit could be increased chance of success during resolution, increased effect, more options during play (such as access to a new type of action, skill, or power), or any other positive change to the way the character interacts with the standard rules of the game.

Some game systems, more commonly point-based ones, may use advantages as the main way of building a character. Other games, such as class-based ones, may use them as optional extras to add personal touches to an already viable character.

Advantages are generally picked from a list in the game rules, but in some game systems might be freeform choices.

Advantages may be contrasted with flaws, which are similar traits with a negative effect rather than positive, or distinctions, which may have both positive and negative effects.

Examples of advantage traits[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of specific types of advantages from published role-playing games:

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