Blackmoor, also known as Supplement II: Blackmoor, is a rules supplement for original Dungeons & Dragons.


Blackmoor contains rules for new monsters that can be used in D&D games. Page 14 of the supplement contains an index of the monsters presented in the book, and pages 15-24 contain descriptions of each monster.

Creature Page Other appearances Description
Mermen 15 More intelligent than lizardmen, these aquatic creatures use weapons as humans do
Giant Crabs 15
Giant Octopi 16
Giant Squid 16
Giant Crocodile 16
Giant Toads 16
Giant Frog 16
Giant Leech 16
Giant Beaver 16
Giant Otter 17
Giant Wasps 18
Giant Beetle 18 Five types are described: giant stag beetle, rhinoceros beetle, bombardier beetle, fire beetle, and boring beetle
Fire Lizard 19
Minotaur Lizard 19
Elasmosaurus 19
Mososaurus 19
Plesiosaurus 19
Giant Shark 19
Whale 19
Giant Eels 19
Lamprey 19
Sea Horse 19
Portugese Man-Of-War 19
Dolphins 20
Aquatic Elves 20 Also called sea elves, they are akin to mermen as land elves are to humans
Pungi Ray 20
Manta Ray 21
Giant Sea Spider 21
Weed Eels 21
Sahuagin 21-23 "Devil-Men of the Deep", these voracious creatures are a constant threat to humans
Floating Eyes 23 Small fish with a huge central eye that can hypnotize a victim
Ixitxachith 23 A race of Chaotic Clerical Philosophers that resemble manta rays
Locathah 23 Nomadic people that ride eels and roam the ocean depths
Morkoth or Morlock 23 This shrouded wraith of the deep makes its home in spiraling tunnels
Masher 23 Coral eaters, similar to large purple worms
Strangle Weed 23 Looks like ordinary seaweed but crushes its victims like a tentacle (Note: stats are not given on page 14)

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