Braunstein was a Napoleonic-era miniatures wargame run by David Wesely in the late 1960s, set in the fictional German town of Braunstein. Braunstein introduced RPG elements over the course of its four campaigns, allowing some players to adopt the roles of individuals in the town, and as such Braunstein was a precursor to other proto-RPGs and eventually to Dungeons & Dragons and the industry of modern tabletop roleplaying games.

One of the people who played Braunstein was Dave Arneson, who was inspired by some of the ideas created for Braunstein to develop his own game, Blackmoor, for a fantasy setting using Gary Gygax's Chainmail. In his fanzine Corner of the Table, Arneson pitched the first session of Blackmoor as "a medieval Braunstein" that "will feature mythical creatures". The success of Blackmoor led Arneson to collaborate with Gygax on the game that became Dungeons & Dragons.


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