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Paul Mason, aka Paul the DIY Guy, demonstrates how to build a D&D-themed dice tower out of foam core.

A dice tower is a game aid that can be used to roll dice.

Use and purpose[edit | edit source]

Dice are dropped into the top of the tower and bounce off of one or more surfaces on the inside before emerging from an opening at the base of the tower. Most dice towers include a walled off area around the opening for the dice to land in.

Dice towers help ensure that dice are rolled fairly and they eliminate some methods of cheating which may be performed when rolling dice by hand. They also help to ensure that dice are rolled neatly and without being scattered across the table and disrupting the game or going astray. They can be used as a disability aid for people who have difficulty rolling dice.

Construction[edit | edit source]

The main elements of a dice tower include:

  • the tower itself, a hollow, vertical prism (often a rectangular prism or tube) with projections along the inside (often called baffles) to sufficiently tumble the dice in order to achieve a random result;
  • a ramp at the bottom which spills the dice from the inside of the tower; and
  • a small tray, into which the dice come to rest, usually bordered by a short lip or wall to prevent the dice from being scattered across the table.

There are many forms of towers and they vary in construction and design. In role-playing games, dice towers can also double as elements of a diorama (e.g. if designed to resemble buildings) or props (e.g. if designed to resemble chests or other objects). Alternatively, they may be built into carry cases or dice boxes.

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