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The Dungeons & Dragons BECMI edition was an edition of Dungeons & Dragons that was released in 1983, and consisted of five rulebooks for different levels of player character parties. These five sets were:

  • Basic Rules (red box; levels 1-3)
  • Expert Rules (blue box; levels 4–14)
  • Companion Rules (teal box; levels 15–25)
  • Master Rules (black box; levels 26–36)
  • Immortals Rules (gold box; above 36th level)

The first initials of these five sets (BECMI) gives the colloquial name of the edition.

The BECMI edition was one of the Basic (as opposed to Advanced) editions of D&D, an immediate successor to the BX edition (which had only Basic and Expert Sets). In 1991, the BECMI rules were compiled and edited into a new edition, the Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia edition, so named because the core rulebook was the Rules Cyclopedia.

The setting of the BECMI was the Known World.