Experience points, also called simply experience or xp, are a statistic that measures a player character's activities on adventures and is used in character advancement. The accumulation of experience points leads to greater skill and power.

Using experience pointsEdit

Depending on the system, a character may advance either when the accumulated experience points reach a certain threshold (e.g. gaining levels in Dungeons & Dragons) or when the player expends experience points out of a collected pool (e.g. increasing or buying new Traits in Vampire: The Masquerade).

In some games, such as Predation and other Cypher System games, experience points can also function as metacurrency that can be traded.

Earning experience pointsEdit

Experience points (and advancement in general) are one of the most common reward mechanics in role-playing games. Experience points should be awarded when the players or characters engage in activities that the game system wants to encourage.

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