An iconic character or signature character is a character who is depicted in the art and sometimes the text of rulebooks and supplements as an example of a particular character type (e.g. class in traditional role-playing games). Such characters may appear in non-game fiction relating to the setting of the role-playing game in which they appear. Because a lot of artwork may include them, they might be recognisable in the game's marketing.

Iconic characters may be important non-player characters in the setting of the game (as in Vampire: The Masquerade), or could alternatively be potential pre-generated player characters for new players (as in Pathfinder).

Use of iconic characters was common in the 2000s, including in Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition, Pathfinder, and World of Darkness games like Vampire: The Masquerade. In World of Darkness games in particular, signature characters were often used for advancing the metaplot of the setting.

Iconic characters should not be confused with icons from 13th Age, which do represent important NPCs in the setting but are also important traits for the player characters in that game.

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