Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition was released in 2000. The first book containing monsters to be published was the Monster Manual, released along with the other two "core" rulebooks. Wizards of the Coast officially discontinued the 3rd edition line upon the release of version 3.5 in 2003, with the Monster Manual reprinted for the new edition.

TSR 11552 - Monster Manual (2000)Edit

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WTC 11832 - Monster Compendium - Monsters of Faerûn (2001)Edit

Creature Page Other Appearances
Aarakocra 11
Aballin 11-12
Abishai 12-14 Described are the white, black, green, blue and red abishai, baatezu subraces
Alaghi 14-15
Asabi 15-16 Described are the asabi and stingtail
Banedead 16-17
Baneguard 17 Described are the baneguard and direguard
Banelar 18
Bat, Deep 18-20 Described are the bonebat, night hunter and sinister
Beast of Malar 20-21 Described are the hunting panther, claw slayer and bat form
Beholder Mage 21-22 A prestige class for beholders
Beholderkin, Death Kiss 22-23
Beholderkin, Eyeball 23-24
Beholderkin, Gouger 24
Bullywug 25
Chitine 26
Choldrith 27
Chosen One 27-28
Cloaker Lord 28-29
Crawling Claw 29-30
Darkenbeast 30-31
Dark Tree 31-32
Deepspawn 32-33 Described are the deepspawn and its spawn
Demon, Ghour 33-34
Demon, Yochlol 34-35
Doppelganger, Greater 35-36
Dragon 36-38
-- Brown Dragon 38-40
-- Deep Dragon 40-41
-- Fang Dragon 41-42
-- Shadow Dragon 42-44
-- Song Dragon 44-45
Dragonkin 45-46
Dread Warrior 46-47
Dwarf, Faerûnian 47-48 Described are the shield dwarves, gold dwarves, duergar, arctic dwarves, urdunnir and wild dwarves
Firenewt 48-49
Ghaunadan 49
Giant 50-51 Described are the fog and phaerlin giant
Giant Strider 51-52
Gibberling 52
Goblin, Dekanter 53
Golem, Gemstone 53-56 Described are the ruby, emerald and diamond golem
Golem, Thayan 56
Green Warder 57
Groundling 57-58
Gulguthydra 58-59
Half-fiend, Draegloth 59
Helmed horror 60
Hybsil 61
Ibrandlin 62
Ice Serpent 62-63
Leucrotta 63-64
Malaugrym 64-65
Meazel 65-66
Myrlochar 66-67
Nishruu 67-68
Nyth 68-69
Peryton 69
Phaerimm 70
Planetouched, Genasi 71-72 Described are the air, earth, fire and water genasi
Planetouched, Tiefling 72-74 Described are the fey'ri and tanarukk
Pterafolk 74
Quaggoth 75
Shalarin 76
Sharn 76-78
Siv 78
Spectral Panther 79
Spider, Subterranean 79-80 Described are the hairy and sword spider
Stinger 80-81
Tall Mouther 81-82
Tomb Tapper 82-83
Unicorn, Black 83-84
Wemic 84
Zombie, Tyrantfog 85
Beast of Xvim 85-87 Template; sample creature is a hell hound beast of Xvim
Curst 87-88 Template; sample creature is a 5th-level human fighter curst
Ghost 88-89 Template; sample creatures are the doomsphere, ghost dragon, spectral harpist, watchghost and Zhentarim spirit
Lich 89-90 Template; sample creatures are the alhoon (illithilich) and banelich
Lich, Good 90 Template; sample creatures are the archlich and baelnorn
Lycanthrope 91-93 Template; sample creatures are the werebat, werecrocodile, wereshark, lythari and werecat
Revenant 93-94 Template; sample creature is a 7th-level elven sorcerer revenant
Yuan-ti 94-96 Template; sample creatures are a 5th-level human rogue tainted one and a 5th-level human rogue broodguard

WTC 11835 - Psionics Handbook (2001)Edit

Creature Page(s) Other Appearances
Astral Construct (1st through 9th Level) 140-142 Construct of raw ectoplasm that can be molded to any form by the summoner (defaults to a roughly humanoid form).
Blue 142-143 A blue-skinned goblin that is somewhat smaller than an average goblin.
Brain Mole 143-144 Eldritch Wizardry (1976), Monster Manual (1977), The Complete Psionics Handbook (1991) Small rodent that is virtually identical to its common relative.
Caller in Darkness 144 A swirling mist that contains tens of horror-struck humanoid faces.
Cerebrilith 145 Humanoid in shape, roughly Template:Convert tall with an elongated skull that joins with its hunched back.
Crysmal 146 Monster Manual II (1983) Crystalline scorpion-like body with 6-8 legs and a sharp stinger.
Folugub 146-147 A beetle creature roughly Template:Convert long and 180 pounds.
Githyanki 147-148 Fiend Folio (1981) Humanoid with gaunt features, yellowed skin, and jet black hair.
Githzerai 149 Fiend Folio (1981) Humanoid with gaunt features, skin of yellow-green, and clawed fingers.
Intellect Devourer 150 Eldritch Wizardry (1976), Monster Manual (1977), The Complete Psionics Handbook (1991) A brain-shaped body supported by four legs with clawed feet.
Neothelid 150-151 Worm-like creature Template:Convert in diameter and Template:Convert long with four long tentacles protruding from the lamprey-like maw.
Phthisic 151-152 Warped resemblance of the individual from which it was spawned, standing roughly Template:Convert tall with spines, sharp teeth, and claws.
Psion-Killer 152-153 A crystal golem that is roughly Template:Convert tall and 2,500 pounds.
Puppeteer 153 Small brown-colored leech lacking limbs or sensory organs.
Temporal Filcher 154 Four armed, one legged creature with thick torso, neck, and head which has a single horn.
Thought Eater 154-155 Eldritch Wizardry (1976), Monster Manual (1977), The Complete Psionics Handbook (1991) A skeleton with scraps of flesh resembling a large feline but with claws and skull resembling a bird of prey.
Udoroot 155-156 Carnivorous plant consisting of a large bulb below the surface and six 'crowns' resembling sun flowers above the surface.

WTC 11836 - Forgotten Realms - Campaign Setting (2001)Edit

Creature Page Other Appearances
Animal 308-309 Described are the pack lizard, riding lizard, spitting crawler, two-headed adder, winged viper and tressym
Beholder, Death Tyrant 309-310
Dracolich 310-312 Template
Gargoyle, Kir-Lanan 312-313
Rothé 313-314 Described are the deep, ghost and surface rothé
Shade 314-315 Template; sample creature is Leevoth, a 3rd-level wizard/8th-level fighter shade

WTC 11850 - Manual of the Planes (2001)Edit

Creature Page(s) Other Appearances
Astral Dreadnought 159-160
Bariaur 161
Celestial 162-164 Two varieties listed below.
--Firre (Eladrins) 162-164
--Leonal (Guardinal) 162-164
Demon 164-166 Three varieties listed below.
--Uridezu (Tanar'ri) 164-166
--Armanite (Tanar'ri) 164-166
--Goristro (Tanar'ri) 164-166
Devil 166-168 Two varieties listed below.
--Spinagon (Baatezu) 166-168
--Narzugon (Baatezu) 166-168
Energon 168-169 Two varieties listed below.
--Xag-Ya 168-169
--Xeg-Yi 168-169
Ephemera 169-172 Three varieties listed below.
--Dusk Beast 169-172
--Ecalypse 169-172
--Umbral Banyan 169-172
Genie 172-174 Two varieties listed below.
--Dao 172-174
--Marid 172-174
Githyanki 174-176
Githzerai 176
Inevitable 176-179 Three varieties listed below.
--Zelekhut 176-179
--Kolyarut 176-179
--Marut 176-179
Mercane 179-180
Paraelemental 180-185 Varieties include: Ice, Magma, Ooze, and Smoke. Levels include: Small, Medium, Large, Huge, Greater, and Elder.
Yugoloth 185-188
--Canoloth 185-188
--Mezzoloth 185-188
--Nycaloth 185-188
--Ultroloth 185-188
Half-Elemental 188-190 Template
Shadow Creatures 190-191 Template
Elemental Creatures 191-196 Template
Wood Element Creatures 196-197 Template
Axiomatic Creatures 197-198 Template
Anarchic Creatures 198-199 Template
Petitioner 199-200 Template

WTC 12015 - Oriental Adventures (2001)Edit

Creature Page(s) Other Appearances
Bajang 145-146 Evil nature spirit that resembles a short, fat humanoid with claw-like hands and feet.
Bakemono 146
Bisan 147
Bog Hag 147-148
Buso, Tigbanua 148-149
Centipede, Spirit 149-150
Doc Cu'o'c 151
Dokufu 151-152
Dragon, Lung 152-163 Any of eight powerful and intelligent spirit creatures of various forms based on their 'elemental' types (listed below).
-- Yu Lung (Carp Dragon) 152-155 Body of a large carp with reptilian head and forearms and a beard. Juvenile form of all lung dragons.
-- Chiang Lung (River Dragon) 152-154, 155-156 Long, eel-like body with four short limbs ending in webbed feet and has multicolored beard and long horns.
-- Li Lung (Earth Dragon) 152-154, 156-157 Body of a lion with a humanoid face and wings with long, peacock-like feathers.
-- Lung Wang (Sea Dragon) 152-154, 157-158 Body of a turtle with fin-like appendages and a reptilian head, whiskers, and horns.
-- Pan Lung (Coiled Dragon) 152-154, 158-159 Long, thin, multicolored reptilian body with a vibrant mane and dark whiskers.
-- Shen Lung (Spirit Dragon) 152-154, 159-161 Reptilian body with clawed feet, spike-covered tail, spined back, and with two horns on the top of the head.
-- T'ien Lung (Celestial Dragon) 152-154, 161-162 Long, serpentine body that wraps about itself, brightly colored mane and whiskers and golden beard.
-- Tun Mi Lung (Typhoon Dragon) 152-154, 162-163 Resembles a multicolored salamander with a large mouth and sharp clawed feet.
Gaki 163-165 Undead spirits of mortals who must serve punishment for their actions. Types: Jiki-niku-gaki (commoners), Shikki-gaki (healers), Shinen-gaki (soldiers), Jiki-ketsu-gaki (shamans, monks).
Ghost 165-166 Adaptation of standard ghosts to an oriental campaign. Also, brief descriptions of Akikage (ninja assassin), Chu-u (legless ghost), Con-tinh (maiden), Hanging Ghost (ghost of a suicide), Kuei (unavenged spirit), and Ubume (death during childbirth).
Hannya 166-167 Upper body of an old woman with forked tongue, lower body of a serpent.
Hebi-No-Onna 167-168 Attractive human female clad with many gemstones and with snakes hidden within their sleeves.
Hengeyokai 168 Shapeshifter that can be in animal, half-animal half-human, or human forms.
Hopping Vampire 169 Body of a poorly buried individual that returns to semi-life. Remains partially rigid and must 'hop' to move.
Kappa 169-170 Short, stooped humanoid with a turtle shell for a back, webbed and clawed feet and hands, green skin, and an indentation on the top of the head that holds a small amount of lake water.
Ki-Rin 170-171 Resembles a unicorn with gold scales and a thick mane.
Korobokuru 171-172 Wild and unkempt oriental dwarves that resemble their common counterparts.
Mamono 172 Shapeshifter that appear skinless with a single eye in their forehead, long razor-like blades for arms and a large mouth in their abdomen in their natural form.
Naga, Shinomen 172-175 Human head and body with a serpentine tail in place of legs. Includes five bloodlines: Greensnake, Chameleon, Asp, Cobra, and Constrictor.
Nat 175-177 Lesser spirit that appears like a short humanoid with bright skin, long claws, dark hair, and fangs. Includes Einsaung Nat, Hkum Yeng Nat, and Lu Nat subtypes.
Nature Spirit 177-178 In natural form appears like a piece of nature (rock, tree, etc.). Commonly seen in humanoid form.
Nezumi 178-179 Appear like giant rats that walk on their hind legs.
Oni 179-180 Any of three varieties of giant humanoids with animal features (listed below).
-- Common Oni 179-180 Template:Convert tall and extremely muscular, covered with coarse hair and with long fangs and horns.
-- Go-Zu Oni 179-180 Slightly larger than Common Oni but with the head of a bull.
-- Me-Zu Oni 179-180 Template:Convert tall and 1000 pounds with the head of a horse.
Oni, Shadowlands 181-188 Any of twelve varieties of evil outsiders (listed below).
-- Haino no Oni 181-182
-- Ashi no Oni 181-182
-- Sanru no Oni 181-182
-- Kamu no Oni 181-184
-- Shikibu no Oni 181, 183-184
-- Ugulu no Oni 181, 183-184
-- Akuma no Oni 181, 184-185
-- Kyoso no Oni 181, 185-186
-- Yattoko no Oni 181, 185-186
-- Byoko no Oni 181, 186-187
-- Gekido no Oni 181, 187-188
-- Tsuburu no Oni 181, 187-188
Onikage 188-189
Pennagogolan 189-190
Rokuro-Kubi 190-191
Shirokinu-Katsukami 191-192
Spirit Folk 192-193
Tako 193
Tasloi 193-194
Tengu 194-195
Toad, Giant 195-197
Tsuno 197-198
Wang-Liang 198-199
Yeti 199-200
Yuki-On-Na 200

WTC 88158 - Savage Species (2003)Edit

Creature Page(s) Other Appearances
Feral Creature 115-116 Template to be added to any corporeal humanoid or monstrous humanoid. A sample Feral Minotaur is described.
Gelatinous Creature 116-118 Template to be added to any living creature except an ooze. A sample Gelatinous Brown Bear is described.
Ghost Brute 118-120 Template to be added to any animal, magical beast, or plant with a Charisma score below 8. A sample Ghost Hound is described.
Incarnate Construct 120-121 Template to be added to any construct creature with a humanoid form. A sample Incarnate Stone Golem is described.
Insectile Creature 121-122 Template to be added to any giant, humanoid, or monstrous humanoid. A sample Insectile Ogre is described.
Monstrous Beast 122-124 Template to be added to any animal or vermin. A sample Monstrous Stag Beetle is described.
Multiheaded Creature 124-126 Template to be added to any corporeal creature that has a discernible head. A sample Multiheaded Hell Hound is described.
Mummified Creature 126-128 Template to be added to any corporeal animal, giant, or humanoid. A sample Mummified Ogre is described.
Reptilian Creature 128-129 Template to be added to any humanoid, monstrous humanoid, or giant. A sample Reptilian Bugbear is described.
Spectral Creature 129- Template to be added to any aberration, animal, dragon, giant, humanoid, magical beast, or monstrous humanoid. A sample Spectral Cloaker is described.
Symbiotic Creature 131-132 Template to be added to any two living creatures of the following types: animal, humanoid, plant, or vermin. One of the two must be two size categories smaller than the other. A sample Symbiosis of a Bugbear and a Stirge is described.
Tauric Creature 132-133 Template combining one small or medium corporeal humanoid or monstrous humanoid and one medium or large corporeal animal, magical beast, or vermin with four or more legs. A sample Tauric of a Griffon and Hobgoblin is described.
Umbral Creature 134-135 Template to be added to any aberration, animal, dragon, giant, humanoid, magical beast, or monstrous humanoid. A sample Umbral Ettin is described.
Wight 136-137 Template to be added to any humanoid. A sample Troglodyte Wight is described.
Winged Creature 137-138 Template to be added to any animal, giant, humanoid, monstrous humanoid, or vermin. A sample Winged Dog is described.
Wraith 138-140 Template to be added to any humanoid. A sample Kobold Wraith is described.
Yuan-Ti 140-142 The "Tainted One" and "Broodguard" templates may be added to any human. A sample Yuan-Ti Tainted One is described.
Anthropomorphic Animal 214-215 Template to be added to any non-dire animal. A sample Anthropomorphic Donkey is described.
Desmodu 218-220
Loxo 221
Thri-Kreen 222

WTC 88159 - Arms and Equipment Guide (2003)Edit

Creature Page(s) Other Appearances
Beetle Buckler 15
Climbdog 76-77
Thudhunter 77-78
Axebeak 83-84
Hippocampus 84
Equine Golem 87-88
Zaratan 88-89
Soarwhale 89
Giant Dragonfly 90-91
Giant Firefly 91
Jade Locust 133

WTC 88161 - Book of Vile Darkness (2002)Edit

Creature Page(s) Other Appearances
Demon 169-174 Described are the Mane (Tanar'ri), Rutterkin (Tanar'ri), Bar-Igura (Tanar'ri), Babau (Tanar'ri), Shadow Demon, and Chasme (Tanar'ri).
Devil 175-177 Described are the Kocrachon (Baatezu) and Ghargatula (Baatezu).
Eye of Fear and Flame 177
Kython 178-181 Described are the Broodling, Juvenile Kython, Adult Kython, Impaler, Slaymaster, and Slaughterking.
Vaath 182
Vilewright 183
Bone Creature 184-185 Template to be added to any nonundead, corporeal creature with a skeletal system. A sample Bone Bugbear Rogue is described.
Corpse Creature 185 Template to be added to any nonundead, nonconstruct, nonplant corporeal creature. A sample Corpse Human Barbarian is described.
Corrupted Creature 186 Template to be added to any corporeal creature that is not an outsider. A sample Corrupted Wolf is described.

WTC 88165 - Deities And Demigods (2002)Edit

Creature Page(s) Other Appearances
Cyclops 132-133 Giant humanoid notable for a single eye in the forehead; from the Olympian pantheon.
Faun 133-134 Woodland humanoid of the Olympian pantheon.
Minion of Set 158-159 Warrior servant of the evil god Set from the Pharaonic pantheon.
Mummy, Greater 159-161 Template added to a humanoid character. Also includes a sample Greater Mummy.
Einherjar 199-200 Fallen warrior chosen to fight at the time of Ragnarok.
Valkyries 200-201 Quasi-deity female warrior of the Asgardian pantheon.

WTC 88169 - Epic Level Handbook (2002)Edit

Creature Page(s) Other Appearances
Abomination 157-169 The unwanted offspring of a deity and another being. Immortal, spiteful, destructive creatures of immense power.
Behemoth 169 Described are the behemoth eagle and behemoth gorilla
Brachyurus 170
Colossus 170-174 Described are the stone colossus, flesh colossus, and iron colossus
Demilich 174-177
Devastation vermin 177-179 Described are the devastation centipede, devastation spider, devastation scorpion, and devastation beetle
Dragon, advanced 179-181
Dragon, epic 181-186 Described are the force dragon and prismatic dragon
Elemental, primal 186-189 Described are the air, earth, fire, and water primal elementals
Genius loci 190-191
Gibbering orb 191-192
Gloom 192-193
Golem 193-195 Described are the mithral golem and adamantine golem
Ha-naga 195
Hagunemnon (protean) 196-197
Hoary hunter 197-198 Described are the hoary hunter and hoary steed
Hunefer 198-200
Lavawight 200
Legendary animal 201-202 Described are the legendary bear and legendary tiger
LeShay 202-203
Living vault 203-204
Mercane 204-205
Mu spore 205-206
Neh-thalggu (brain collector) 206-208
Paragon mind flayer 208-210 Template; the paragon mind flayer is the sample creature for the paragon creature template
Prismasaurus 210-211
Pseudonatural troll 211-213 Template; the pseudonatural troll is the sample creature for the pseudonatural creature template
Ruin swarm 213-214
Shadow of the void 214-215
Shape of fire 215
Sirrush 216-217
Slaad 217-219 Described are the white slaad and black slaad
Tayellah 220
Thorciasid 220-221
Titan, elder 221-222
Treant, elder 223
Umbral blot (blackball) 223-224
Uvuudaum 224-226
Vermiurge 226-227
Winterwight 227-228
Worm that walks 228-230

WTC 88268 - Monster Manual II (2002)Edit

Creature Page(s) Other Appearances
Abeil 22-24 Described are the Vassal, Soldier, and Queen.
Ash Rat 24-25
Asperi 25-26
Automaton 27-28 Described are the Pulverizer and Hammerer.
Avolakia 28-29
Banshee 30-31
Bladeling 31
Blood Ape 32-33
Boggle 33-34
Bogun 34-35
Bone Naga 35-36
Bone Ooze 36-37
Braxat 37-38
Breathdrinker 39
Bronze Serpent 40-41
Captured One 204-206 Template to be added to a preexisting monster.
Catoblepas 41
Celestial 42-44 Described are the Cervidal and Lupinal.
Chain Golem 44-45
Chaos Roc 45-46
Chimeric Creature 206-207 Template to be added to a preexisting monster.
Cloaked Ape 45
Clockwork Horror 47-49 Described are the Electrum, Gold, Platinum, and Adamantine Horrors.
Cloud Ray 49-50
Corollax 50-51
Corpse Gatherer 51-52
Crimson Death 53
Darktentacles 54-55
Death Knight 207-209 Template to be added to a preexisting monster.
Deathbringer 55-56
Demon 56-62 Described are the Abyssal Maw, Abyssal Skulker, Abyssal Ravager, Jovoc (Tanar'ri), Palrethee (Tanar'ri), Zovvut, Jarilith (Tanar'ri), and Kelvezu (Tanar'ri).
Desmodu 62-65
Desmodu Bat 65-66 Described are the Hunting Bat, Guard Bat, and War Bat.
Devil 67-69 Described are the Advespa (Baatezu), Amnizu (Baatezu), and Malebranche (Baatezu).
Dinosaur 70-74 Described are the Cryptoclidus, Allosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, Seismosaurus, and Spinosaurus.
Dire Animal 74-76 Described are the Dire Horse, Elk, Elephant, Toad, Hawk, and Snake.
Dragon, Gem 77-87 Described are the Amethyst, Crystal, Emerald, Sapphire, and Topaz Dragons.
Dread Guard 87-88
Dune Stalker 88-89
Effigy 89-90
Elemental Weird 90-93 Described are the Air, Earth, Fire, and Water Weirds.
Ether Scarab 94
Ethereal Doppelganger 94-95
Ethereal Slayer 96
Famine Spirit 96-97
Felldrake 97-99 Described are the Crested Felldrake, Spitting Felldrake, and Horned Felldrake.
Fiendwurm 99-100
Fihyr 100-101 Described are the common and Great Fihyr.
Firbolg 101-102
Fire Bat 102-103
Flesh Jelly 104
Fomorian 105
Forest Sloth 106
Frost Salamander 107
Galeb Duhr 107-108
Gambol 108-109
Giant 109-114 Described are the Forest, Sun, Ocean, and Mountain Giants.
Glimmerskin 114-115
Golem 115-118 Described are the Stained Glass, Brass, and Dragonflesh Golems.
Gravecrawler 118-119
Gravorg 119-120
Greenvise 120-121
Grell 121-122
Grimalkin 122-123
Grizzly Mastodon 123
Half-Fiend (Durzagon) 124
Half-Golem 209-212
Hellfire Wyrm 125-126
Hook Horror 126-127
Immoth 127-128
Ixitxachitl 128-130 Described are the Average and Vampiric Ixitxachitl.
Jahi 130-131
Jermlaine 131
Juggernaut 132-133
Julajimus 133-134
Kopru 134-135
Leechwalker 135
Legendary Animal 136-139 Described are the Legendary Eagle, Ape, Wolf, Snake, Horse, Bear, Tiger, and Shark.
Leviathan 139-140
Linnorm 140-144 Described are the Gray Linnorm, Dread Linnorm, and Corpse Tearer.
Loxo 144-145
Marrash 145-146
Meenlock 146-147
Megalodon 147-148
Megapede 148
Monster Of Legend 213-214 Template to be added to a preexisting monster.
Moonbeast 149-150
Mooncalf 150-151
Moonrat 151-152
Morkoth 152-153
Mudmaw 153-154
Myconid 154-157 Described are the Junior Worker, Average Worker, Elder Worker, Guard, Circle Leader, and Sovereign.
Needlefolk 158
Neogi 158-160 Described are the Neogi Spawn, Adult Neogi, and Great Old Master Neogi.
Nethersight Mastiff 160-161
Nightmare Beast 161-162
Nimblewright 162-163
Ocean Strider 163-164
Orcwort 165-166 Described are the Wortling and adult Orcwort.
Ormyrr 167
Phase Wasp 168
Phoenix 168-169
Planetouched 169-171 Described are the Chaond and Zenythri.
Psurlon 171-173 Described are the Average, Elder, and Giant Psurlons.
Ragewind 173-174
Raggamoffyn 174-176 Described are the Tatterdemanimal, Common Raggamoffyn, Guttersnipe, and Shrapnyl.
Rampager 177
Razor Boar 220-221 Template to be added to a preexisting monster.
Reason Stealer 178-179
Red Sundew 179
Rogue Eidolon 180
Rukarazyll 181-182
Runic Guardian 182-183
Scorpionfolk 221 Template to be added to a preexisting monster.
Shadow Spider 184
Sirine 185
Spawn Of Kyuss 186-187
Spell Weaver 187-188
Spellgaunt 188-189
Spellstitched 215-216 Template to be added to a preexisting monster.
Spirit Of The Land 189-191
Stone Spike 191
Swamplight Lynx 191-192
Sylph 192-193
Tauric 216-217 Template to be added to a preexisting monster.
Tempest 193-194
Teratomorph 194-195
Thri-Kreen 195-196
Titanic 217-218 Template to be added to a preexisting monster.
Twig Blight 197
Vaporighu 197-198
Warbeast 219 Template to be added to a preexisting monster.
Windghost 198-199
Wyste 200
Yak Folk 200-201
Yugoloth 202-204 Described are the Marraenoloth, Arcanaloth, and Yagnoloth.

WTC 88661 - Fiend Folio (2003)Edit

Creature Page(s) Other Appearances
Abrian 12
Abyssal Ghoul 12-13
Ahuizotl 14
Aoa 14-15 Described are the Droplet and Sphere.
Aquatic Ooze 16-18 Described are the Bloodbloater, Flotsam Ooze, and Reekmurk.
Bacchae 18-20
Bhut 20-21
Blackstone Gigant 21-22
Blood Hawk 22-23
Bloodthorn 23-24
Bonespear 24-25
Canomorph 25-29 Described are the Haraknin, Shadurakul, and Vultivor.
Caryatid Column 30-31
Century Worm 31-32
Chronotyryn 33-34
Chwidencha 34-35
Crawling Head 35-36
Crypt Thing 36-37
Dark Ones 37-39 Described are the Dark Creeper and Dark Stalker.
Darkweaver 39-41
Death Dog 41-42
Demodand 42-45 Described are the Farastu, Kelubar, and Shator.
Demon 46-55 Described are the Alkilith (Tanar'ri), Blood Fiend, Klurichir (Tanar'ri), Maurezhi (Tanar'ri), Myrmyxicus (Tanar'ri), Skulvyn, and Wastrilith.
Deva 55-57 Described are the Monadic and Movanic Devas.
Devil 57-61 Described are the Paeliryon (Baatezu) and Xerfilstyx (Baatezu).
Dire Rhinoceros 61
Disenchanter 62-63
Ethereal Ooze 63-64
Ethergaunt 64-68 Described are the Black, Red, and White Ethergaunts.
Fensir 68-71 Described are the Fensir and Rakka.
Feytouched 71
Fhorge 72
Flame Snake 73-76 Described are the Minor, Lesser, and Greater Flame Snakes.
Formian 76 Described are the Armadon, Observer, and Winged Warrior.
Fossergrim 79-80
Gathra 80-81
Giant 81-83 Described are the Bog and Shadow Giants.
Golem 83-89 Described are the Blood Golem of Hextor, Brain Golem, Demonflesh Golem, and Hellfire Golem.
Half-Fey 89-90 Described are the Half-Fey Centaur and general Half-Fey template.
Half-Illithid 90-92 Described are the Half-Illithid Lizardfolk and general Half-Illithid template.
Half-Troll 92-94 Described are the Half-Troll Barbazu and general Half-Troll template.
Huecuva 94-95 Described are a sample Huecuva and the general Huecuva template.
Hullathoin 96-97
Imp 97-100 Described are the Bloodbag, Euphoric, and Filth Imps.
Indricothere 100-101
Inevitable 101-103 Described are the Quarut and Varakhut.
Iron Cobra 103-104
Ironmaw 104-105
Jackal Lord 105-107
Jackalwere 107
Kaorti 108-110
Keeper 111-112
Kelp Angler 112-113
Kelpie 114-115
Khaasta 115-116
Kuldurath 116
Living Holocaust 117-118
Lucent Worm 118-119
Maelephant 120-121
Maug 121-123
Maulgoth 123-124
Megatherium 124-125
Mongrelfolk 125-126
Necrophidius 126-127
Nerra 127-130 Described are the Kalareem, Sillit, and Varoot.
Octopus Tree 130-132
Ocularon 132-133
Ophidian 133-134
Oread 134-135
Phiuhl 135-136
Planetouched 136-139 Described are the Maeluth, Mechanatrix, Shyft, and Wispling.
Quth-Maren 139-140
Rilmani 140-143 Described are the Aurumach, Cuprilach, and Ferrumach.
Rukanyr 144-145
Sarkrith 145-146 Described are the Spelleater and Thane.
Sea Drake 147-148
Selkie 148-149
Senmurv 149-150
Shadar-Kai 150-152
Shadow Asp 152-153
Shedu 153-154
Skulk 154-155
Skybleeder 155-156
Slaad, Mud 157-158
Slasrath 158
Spectral Lurker 158-160
Spirit of the Air 160-161
Sporebat 161-162
Spriggan 162-163 Described are the Natural and Enlarged Forms.
Steel Predator 163-164
Sunwyrm 164-165
Swarm 166-173 Described are the Abyssal Ant Swarm, Plague Ant Swarm, Cranium Rat Swarm (Lesser Pack, Average Pack, and Greater Pack), Locust Swarm (Bloodfiend and Rapture), Scarab Beetle Swarm, Viper Swarm, and Wasp Swarm.
Swordwraith 173-174
Terlen 174-175
Terror Bird 175-176
Thunder Worm 176-177
Ti-Khana 177-178 Described ar the Ti-Khana Deinonychus and general Ti-Khana template.
Tunnel Terror 179
Ulgurstasta 180-181
Varrangoin 181-185 Described are the Arcanist, Lesser, and Rager Varragoins.
Vine Horror 185
Vorr 186
Wendigo 186-188 Described are a sample Wendigo and the general Wendigo template.
Wicker Man 188-190
Yellow Musk Creeper 190-191
Yellow Musk Zombie 191-193 Described are the Yellow Musk Zombie Orc and general Yellow Musk Zombie template.
Yuan-Ti Anathema 193-195
Yugoloth 196-198 Described are the Piscoloth and Skeroloth.
Yurian 198-199
Zodar 199

WTC 96582 - Miniatures Handbook (2003)Edit

Creature Page(s) Other Appearances
Abyssal eviscerator 45-46 D&D Miniatures: Archfiends set #44 (2004)
Aspect 46-55 Fiendish Codex II (2006) (Asmodeus, Mephistopheles), Dragon Magic (2006) (Bahamut, Tiamat) Described are the aspect of Asmodeus, Bahamut, Demogorgon, Hextor, Kord, Lolth, Mephistopheles, Nerull, Orcus, Tiamat, and Vecna
Bright naga 55-56 D&D Miniatures: Dragoneye set #45 (2004)
Catfolk 56-57 D&D Miniatures: Archfiends set #11 (2004), Races of the Wild (2005)
Cave dinosaurs 57-59 Described are the cave ankylosaurus, cave triceratops, and cave tyrannosaurus
Crucian 59 D&D Miniatures: Giants of Legend set #24 (2004), Sandstorm (2005)
Cursed spirit 60 D&D Miniatures: Archfiends set #49 (2004)
Displacer serpent 60-61 D&D Miniatures: Giants of Legend set #43 (2004)
Equiceph 61-62
Gravehound 62 D&D Miniatures: Archfiends set #41 (2004)
Kruthik 62-64 D&D Miniatures: Deathknell set #37 (2005), Monster Manual (2008) Described are the hatchling kruthik, adult kruthik, and greater kruthik
Mad slasher 64 D&D Miniatures: Aberrations set #54 (2004)
Magma hurler 65 D&D Miniatures: War of the Dragon Queen set #49 (2006)
Nothic 65 D&D Miniatures: Archfiends set #36 (2004)
Phargion 66
Protectar 66-67 D&D Miniatures: Giants of Legend set #11 (2004)
Ramadeen 67-68
Scaled stalker 68
Shadow beast 68-70 D&D Miniatures: War Drums set #35 (2006) (khumat), D&D Miniatures: Deathknell set #44 (2005) (thaskor) Described are the ghirrash, khumat, and thaskor
Spark lasher 70-71
Stonechild 71-72 D&D Miniatures: Dragoneye set #9 (2004), Races of Stone (2004)
Walking wall 72 D&D Miniatures: War Drums set #6 (2006) (as "Elemental Wall")
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