Meguey Baker's name how-to

Meguey Baker's name how-to

Meguey Baker demonstrating the pronunciation of her name

Meguey Baker is a roleplaying game designer and independent publisher. She publishes games through Night Sky Games (her publishing imprint), occasionally through Lumpley Games (an imprint started by her husband Vincent Baker), and most recently through Lumpley & Sons (an imprint shared by Meguey, Vincent, and their three children).[1]

She has been a guest of honour at conventions including Lucca Comics & Games[2] and I-CON.[3]


Baker's most prominent works are A Thousand and One Nights (a story-telling game based on the collection of Arabic stories[4]) and Apocalypse World (a post-apocalyptic game co-designed with her husband, Vincent Baker).

Baker co-wrote The Fairgame Archive with Emily Care Boss. It is a blog-style design and roleplaying theory journal.

Baker is an activist providing advocacy and support for mothers via MotherWoman Inc.


Baker designs games that are intended to create a voice for the marginalised, and ones that take limited time and resources to play. She believes that everyone has a story to tell and that those stories should be heard.[5]

Game designEdit

Baker has also contributed to Towns Like Ours for the game Turn, and wrote the essay "Why Improv" for Unframed: The Art of Improvisation for Game Masters.

Personal lifeEdit

She was born in 1971 in upstate New York, where she started playing roleplaying games in 1978, and she currently resides in Greenfield Massachusetts. She and her husband have three children.

Baker studied American History at Hampshire College with a focus on American Women's History. She is a quilter and quilt historian, particularly interested in how the history of non-dominant voices gets transmitted in objects and oral tradition rather than the official written history. She began quilting in 1987, and now collects and restores antique and vintage quilts, as well as creating new works.


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