Featured creatures[edit | edit source]

Creature Page Other appearances Description
Aboleth 15 Psionic fish-like amphibian found in underwater lakes and rivers capable of enslaving other creatures.
Achaierai 15-16 Fiend Folio (1981) Large, flightless bird. Evil and intelligent, it originates from the plane of Acheron.
Allip 16 Undead spirit of someone driven to madness and suicide. Looks as it did in life, but with features distorted by madness.
Animated object 17-18 Mundane object animated by magic.
Ankheg 18 Large, burrowing creature with mandibles and a chitinous shell capable of spitting acid.
Aranea 19 Intelligent giant spider capable of changing forms and of utilising sorcerous magic.
Arrowhawk 19-20 Bird-like creature from the Elemental Plane of Air.
Assassin vine 20-21 Plant that strangles passers-by.
Athach 21 Very large and strong biped with a third arm on its chest.
Azer 22 Monster Manual II (1983) Flaming dwarf from the Elemental Plane of Fire.
Barghest 22-23 Monster Manual II (1983) Lawful evil outsider that changes from the form of a large goblin to that of a wolf.
Basilisk 23-24 Reptilian monster that petrifies opponents with a gaze.
Behir 24 40ft long, snake-like monster with very hard scales capable of shooting lightning from its mouth.
Beholder 25 Monster Manual I (1977) Floating orb with a single eye in its center, a large mouth and ten smaller eyes on stalks capable of several magical effects.
Belker 26 Planescape Monstrous Compendium III (1998) Evil air elemental that resemble a demon in the form of smoke.
Blink dog 26 Intelligent, lawful good canine with the ability to teleport.
Bodak 27 Undead creature created when someone is destroyed by the touch of absolute evil.
Bugbear 27-28 Large, aggressive goblin.
Bulette 28 Twenty foot long quadripedal predator known as a "landshark" covered in bluish plates and scales.
Carrion crawler 29 Subterranean scavenger able to paralyze opponents with its tentacles.
Celestial 29-33 Any one of a number of creatures from a plane of good. Lantern archon, hound archon, avoral (guardinal), ghaele (eladrin), trumpet archon, astral deva, planetar and solar listed.
Centaur 33-34 Reclusive creature from woodland with the body and legs of a horse attached to the torso and upper body of a humanoid.
Chaos beast 34-35 Monster from a chaotic plane with an ever-changing form and the ability to turn other creatures to formless goo.
Chimera 35 Monster with the hindquarters of a goat, forequarters of a lion, wings of a dragon and heads of all three.
Choker 36 Subterranean predatory aberration of a humanoid shape with long limbs that grabs and strangles prey.
Chuul 36-37 Amphibious aberration that appears to be a cross between a crustacean, an insect and a snake.
Cloaker 37-38 Intelligent creature of chaotic neutral alignment resembling a black cloak.
Cockatrice 38 Cross of a lizard, cockerel and bat able able to turn flesh to stone.
Couatl 38-39 Lawful good, highly intelligent creature resembling a winged snake. Worshipped in regions it inhabits.
Darkmantle 39 Cave dwelling creature that resembles a stalagmite when at rest. Able to create magical darkness, it defeats enemies by engulfing and constricting them.
Delver 39-40 Aberration that lives deep underground and feeds on rock.
Demon 41-47 Any one of many types of chaotic evil outsiders from the plane of the Abyss. Includes the sub-type of tanar'ri demons.
Destrachan 47
Devil 48-53
Devourer 53-54 Very large undead creature found on the Astral and Ethereal planes. Appears to be a large skeleton with strands of flesh and a tiny figure trapped in the ribcage.
Digester 54 Fast moving creature resembling a predatory dinosaur that can spit acid.
Dinosaur 55-56 Any of several real-world dinosaurs. Listed are deinonychus, elasmosaurus, megaraptor, triceratops and tyrannosaurus.
Dire animal 56-59 Larger and more aggressive versions of an ordinary animal. Listed animals are rat, weasel, badger, bat, ape, wolverine, wolf, boar, lion, bear, tiger and shark.
Displacer beast 59-60 Savage yet stealthy predator resembling a puma with six legs and tentacles growing from its shoulders.
Dragon 61-76 Any of five chromatic (evil) or five metallic (good) intelligent winged lizards that grow to be very large and powerful.
Dragon turtle 76-77
Dragonne 77
Drider 78
Dryad 78-79
Dwarf 79-81
Elemental 81-85
Elf 85-87
Ethereal filcher 87
Ethereal marauder 88
Ettercap 88-89
Ettin 89-90
Formian 90-92
Frost worm 92-93
Fungus 93-94 Described are the shrieker and violet fungus
Gargoyle 94
Genie 94-96
Ghoul 97
Giant 98-102
Giant eagle 102-103
Giant owl 103
Gibbering mouther 104
Girallon 104-105
Gnoll 105-106
Gnome 106-107
Goblin 107-108
Golem 108-111 Described are the flesh, clay, stone, and iron golem
Gorgon 111
Gray render 112
Grick 112-113
Griffon 113-114
Grimlock 114
Hag 115-116 Described are the sea hag, annis, and green hag
Halfling 116-117
Harpy 117-118
Hell hound 118
Hippogriff 118-119
Hobgoblin 119-120
Homunculus 120-121
Howler 121
Hydra 121-123 Described are the five-headed, six-headed, seven-headed, eight-headed, nine-headed, ten-headed, eleven-headed, and twelve-headed hydra
Invisible stalker 123
Kobold 123-124
Kraken 124-125
Krenshar 125
Kuo-toa 125-126
Lamia 126-127
Lammasu 127
Lillend 128
Lizardfolk 128-129
Locathah 129-130
Magmin 130
Manticore 130-131
Medusa 131
Mephit 132-134 Described are the air mephit, dust mephit, earth mephit, fire mephit, ice mephit, magma mephit, ooze mephit, salt mephit, steam mephit, and water mephit
Merfolk 135
Mimic 135-136
Mind flayer 136-137
Minotaur 137
Mohrg 137-138
Mummy 138
Naga 138-140 Described are the water naga, spirit naga, dark naga, and guardian naga
Night hag 140
Nightmare 140-141
Nightshade 141-143 Described are the nightwing, nightwalker, and nightcrawler
Nymph 143
Ogre 144 Described are the ogre and ogre mage
Ooze 145-146 Described are the gray ooze, gelatinous cube, ochre jelly, and black pudding
Orc 146-147
Otyugh 147-148
Owlbear 148
Pegasus 148-149
Phantom fungus 149
Phase spider 150
Phasm 150-151
Planetouched 151-152 Described are the aasimar and tiefling
Pseudodragon 152
Purple worm 152-153
Rakshasa 153-154
Rast 154
Ravid 154-155
Remorhaz 155
Roc 156
Roper 156-157
Rust monster 157
Sahuagin 157-158
Salamander 159-160 Described are the flamebrother, average salamander, and noble salamander
Satyr 160
Sea lion 160-161
Shadow 161
Shadow mastiff 162
Shambling mound 162-163
Shield guardian 163-164
Shocker lizard 164
Skeleton 165 Described are the tiny, small, medium-size, large, huge, gargantuan, and colossal skeleton
Skum 166
Slaad 166-169 Described are the red slaad, blue slaad, green slaad, gray slaad, and death slaad
Spectre 169-170
Sphinx 170-171 Described are the androsphinx, criosphinx, gynosphinx, and hieracosphinx
Spider eater 171-172
Sprite 172-173 Described are the grig, nixie, and pixie
Stirge 173-174
Tarrasque 174-175
Tendriculos 175
Thoqqua 175-176
Titan 176
Tojanida 177 Described are the juvenile, adult, and elder tojanida
Treant 178
Triton 178-179
Troglodyte 179
Troll 180
Umber hulk 180-181
Unicorn 181
Vampire spawn 182
Vargouille 182-183
Wight 183
Will-o'-wisp 183-184
Winter wolf 184
Worg 184-185
Wraith 185-186
Wyvern 186
Xill 187
Xorn 187-188 Described are the minor xorn, average xorn, and elder xorn
Yeth hound 188-189
Yrthak 189
Yuan-ti 190-191 Described are the pureblood, halfblood, and abomination yuan-ti
Zombie 191-192 Described are the tiny, small, medium-size, large, huge, gargantuan, and colossal zombie

Animals[edit | edit source]

Creature Page Other appearances Description
Ape 193
Baboon 193
Badger 193
Bat 193-194
Bear, black 193-194
Bear, brown 193-194
Bear, polar 194
Bison 194
Boar 194
Camel 194-195
Cat 195
Cheetah 195
Crocodile 195-196 Described are the crocodile and giant crocodile
Dog 195-196
Dog, riding 196
Donkey 196
Eagle 196
Elephant 196-197
Hawk 196-197
Horse 196-197 Described are the heavy horse, heavy warhorse, light horse, and light warhorse
Leopard 197-198
Lion 198
Lizard 198 Described are the lizard and giant lizard
Monkey 198-199
Mule 198-199
Octopus 199 Described are the octopus and giant octopus
Owl 199
Pony 199-200 Described are the pony and warpony
Porpoise 200
Rat 200-201
Raven 200-201
Rhinoceros 200-201
Shark 200-201 Described are the medium-size, large, and huge shark
Snake 200-202 Described are the constrictor, giant constrictor, tiny viper, medium-size viper, large viper, and huge viper
Squid 200-202 Described are the squid and giant squid
Tiger 203
Toad 203
Weasel 203
Whale 203-204 Described are the baleen whale, cachalot whale, and orca whale
Wolf 204
Wolverine 204
Giant ant 205 Described are the worker giant ant, soldier giant ant, and queen giant ant
Giant bee 205-206
Giant beetle 205-206 Described are the giant bombardier beetle, giant fire beetle, and giant stag beetle
Giant praying mantis 206-207
Giant wasp 206-207
Monstrous centipede 206-208 Described are the tiny, small, medium-size, large, huge, gargantuan, and colossal monstrous centipede
Monstrous scorpion 207-209 Described are the tiny, small, medium-size, large, huge, gargantuan, and colossal monstrous scorpion
Monstrous spider 208-210 Described are the tiny, small, medium-size, large, huge, gargantuan, and colossal monstrous spider

Templates[edit | edit source]

Creature Page Other appearances Description
Celestial creatures 211 Template; sample celestial creature is a celestial lion
Fiendish creatures 211-212 Template; sample fiendish creature is a dire rat
Ghost 212-213 Template; sample ghost is a 5th-level human fighter
Half-celestial 213-214 Template; sample half-celestial is a unicorn
Half-dragon 214-215 Template; sample half-dragon is an ogre
Half-fiend 215-216 Template; sample half-fiend is a medusa
Lich 216-217 Template; sample lich is an 11th-level human wizard
Lycanthrope 217-221 Described are the werebear, wereboar, wererat, weretiger, and werewolf
Vampire 221-222 Template; sample creature is a 5th-level human fighter
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