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The no fascists rule or the Olivia Hill rule is a rule that forbids fascists from playing a game. It was written by Olivia Hill and first appeared in the game #iHunt by Olivia Hill and Filamena Young. Because the text is available under the Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution, it has since been used in other games such as Goblinauts by Dyer Rose (aka BasiliskOnline)[1] and game-related publications such as Victor's GM-less Oracle by Victor A. Gonzalez.[2]

Although the no fascists rule is largely unenforceable in a publicly accessible RPG, the purpose of the rule is to make a game's anti-fascist message explicit and to prevent fascists from being able to identify with it and co-opt it as their own.[3]


The text of the no fascists rule (available under the same Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution as this wiki) is as follows:

If you're a fascist, you're not welcome to play this game. It's against the rules. If you're reading this and thinking, "You just call everyone you disagree with a fascist," then you're probably a fascist, or incapable of drawing inferences from context and acknowledging a dangerous political climate that causes the oppressed to be hyperbolic. Don't play this game. Heal yourself. Grow. Learn. Watch some Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood or something.[1]


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