A dryad from Dungeons & Dragons.

A nymph from Dungeons & Dragons.

A nymph is a female nature spirit, a supernatural being from Greek mythology. Nymphs are personifications of natural features, and generally tied to specific places, plants, or landforms. They usually appear as beautiful women. Since medieval times, nymphs are sometimes popularly associated or even confused with fairies.

Nymphs are often divided into various broad subgroups, including:

  • Dryads (tree nymphs),
  • Hamadryads (tree nymphs who live in or are the trees themselves),
  • Lampades (Underworld nymphs),
  • Naiads (freshwater nymphs),
  • Nereids (sea nymphs), and
  • Oreads (mountain nymphs).

In some games, such as Dungeons & Dragons, these types may be considered separate creatures instead of kinds of nymph.

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