Green slime (Dungeons & Dragons monster)

A green slime

Black Pudding - AD&D Monster Manual - p10

A black pudding from the 1st edition Monster Manual.

An ooze, also called a slime, jelly, pudding or blob, is a type of amorphous creature in various role-playing games, particularly Dungeons & Dragons. Oozes have appeared as monsters in fantasy role-playing games since the original Dungeons & Dragons white box in 1974, which introduced four types (the ochre jelly, black pudding, green slime, and gray ooze). The most famous type of ooze, the gelatinous cube, was introduced in D&D's first supplement, Supplement I: Greyhawk, and has since appeared in films and TV outside D&D and been referenced in popular culture. More have been introduced in subsequent editions of D&D and in other games.

Types of ooze in Dungeons & DragonsEdit

  • Black pudding: Black (or gray) puddings dissolve wood, and corrode metal.
  • Gelatinous cube: A transparent, cube-shaped ooze that moves through square dungeon tunnels to absorb and digest organic matter.
  • Gray ooze: Seeping horror that resembles wet stone and corrodes metal like a black pudding.
  • Green slime: Non-mobile hazard that turns flesh into more green slime.
  • Mustard jelly: An intelligent ooze that uses toxic gas in combat.
  • Ochre jelly: Giant amoeba which can be killed by fire or cold, but divides when hit by weapons.
  • Slithering tracker: A sentient ooze that can hunt people to drink their blood.

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