An orc is a savage humanoid creature. Its name derives from the word orco. The term was popularized by J.R.R. Tolkien; prior to The Lord of the Rings an orc was generally a sea monster.

Orcs in Dungeons & DragonsEdit

Orcs are brutal, violent humanoids with greyish or green skin and animalistic features. They are often chaotic evil. In Greyhawk and the third edition implied setting, their principal deity is Gruumsh.

Orcs can interbreed with humans, creating half-orcs. Due to the unfortunate implications of half-orc parentage, half-orcs vanished from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Second Edition only to reappear in D&D third edition, then vanish from the fourth edition.

Orcs in The Lord of the RingsEdit

Orcs are foul creatures created by Sauron, probably of elvish stock, but corrupted into hateful, bent creatures with sallow faces and an aversion of the sun. Later, Saruman created half-orcs by combining orc and man, possibly through sorcery, to serve as his agents.

The uruk-hai, or "orc race," are a powerful creation of Saruman's, orcs with courageous spirits who can withstand the light of the sun. Their origin is uncertain, but they seem to have human or troll blood in their veins, and may be a further product of Saruman's experimentations with the half-orc.

Orcs in the Palladium Role-Playing GameEdit

Orcs are savage humanoids with green skin and a brutish appearance. They have no faculty for psionics or magic and lack intelligence, but are strong and capable warriors. Orcs willingly serve those who are more powerful or intelligent, provided they reward their followers sufficiently. Orcs have a pack-like culture, attacking bravely in numbers, only to falter and break ranks all at once if they are broken.

Orcs in Warhammer Fantasy RoleplayEdit

Orcs are green-skinned, savage humanoids, considered part of the goblinoid races. Brutish, fearless, and cruel, they seem to live for destruction.

They are portrayed similarly to the ork (Warhammer 40K|ork]] of Warhammer 40K.

Orcs in GURPS FantasyEdit

The orcs of Yrth are ancient, savage enemies of the [[[elf|elves]]. Green-skinned, brutal, and sociopathic, the orcs inspired the elves to call up the Banestorm in an attempt to be rid of them forever.