Paper is a thin material that can be marked by ink or other pigments and used as a game aid for role-playing games. Paper is one of the most common game aids used for tabletop role-playing games, to the extent that such role-playing games are sometimes known as pen-and-paper role-playing games to distinguish them from other forms (such as live action role-playing games and computer role-playing games).

Paper can be written or drawn on before or during a session (with a pen or similar implement), or may have material printed on it that was previously prepared on computer. Paper can also be folded, rolled, torn, or burned as part of a role-playing game.

Paper is often used to produce other game aids, including character sheets, maps (perhaps using pre-printed graph paper), or notes.

Paper is also a component of most publications used in the role-playing game industry, e.g. rulebooks, as well as other possible game aids made of card, but that is not what is usually meant when people refer to paper in the context of a role-playing game.

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