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We are a wiki about tabletop role-playing games (RPGs), and our database includes information for RPG players, GMs, and designers. Other RPG wikis focus on homebrew content or specific games or settings, but we want to be a resource that can be useful for everyone in the RPG hobby. That's why our pages cover gaming advice, theory, publishing, history and culture without the homebrew content.

Anyone can edit pages on RPG Museum, and we'll never reach our full potential without contributions from RPG fans like you! We need new content, so we especially appreciate when people add new pages. Do you see something missing, like a game, a book, a creator, a concept? You can help by adding a page for it! We'll thank you later.

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What are RPGs?

A role-playing game or RPG is a sort of creative social activity in which the players use game rules and their imaginations to create and play the roles of characters, who will be the protagonists in the fiction that the players will create together. This fiction is usually created through a semi-structured conversation, with players taking it in turns to say what happens and using rules to resolve situations of conflict or uncertainty about what happens next.

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Implementing Homebrew D&D with Dael Kingsmill

Dael Kingsmill on her approach to implementing house rules.

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