RPG Museum is a wiki about role-playing games, and it has the potential to be a resource that's useful for anyone and everyone who is interested in role-playing, at any level of familiarity. To reach that goal, we need new material. There's a wealth of RPG information out there to document, and we need help to do so, especially from users with different perspectives on the hobby.

How does this work?Edit

Any user can add new pages or upload new images to the wiki, or edit any of our existing pages by editing them. You don't even need to be logged in to help out, but signing up does let you take credit for your contributions, and has other benefits like avoiding some adverts.

Fandom Community Central has tutorials for people who aren't comfortable with the technical process of editing, but you can't go wrong and we encourage everyone to experiment to see how things work.

What can I do right now?Edit

If you know anything about the RPG hobby or industry, then you probably know something that doesn't yet have a page on RPG Museum. Why not be the person who adds a page for it? A simple sentence or two is enough to get started.

However, if you're not sure where to start, we have a few recommendations:

  • Special:Wantedpages lists the page topics that have a lot of links pointing to them, but which don't yet exist. If you create one of these, you not only add information to the wiki but you improve existing pages by making links on those pages go somewhere.
  • Sometimes we have pages that already exist, but which don't have very much on them yet. Have a look at Special:Shortpages or Category:Article stubs to see if you can add anything to the pages listed there.
  • Pages are much nicer when they have pictures on them. Can you add pictures to any of our pages that don't have pictures yet? (Fyi, if you're uploading a new image, it's good if you can try to use appropriate copyright tags. Don't worry if you forget, though; they can be added later.)
  • Because the license used by this wiki is compatible with other wikis, including Wikipedia, sometimes RPG-relevant material can be imported from those wikis as long as you provide an appropriate attribution. Can you see what else has already been written that would be appropriate here? Don't forget to edit it afterwards so that it fits in on RPG Museum.

What's the plan in the long term?Edit

There are three broad categories of content that we expect RPG Museum to have. These are, roughly in order of need:

  • Encyclopedic information – Much like Wikipedia, RPG Museum aims to develop well-researched articles on RPGs new and old. Because of RPG Museum's narrow focus, there is not any such thing as a minimum level of notability. It would be great to cover absolutely every RPG in existence. Similarly, any sort of respectable game site or any verifiable information on a blog or publisher site is fair game as a source. For games that are too niche to maintain their own Wikia of minutiae, RPG Museum can function in a similar fashion for RPGs as Wookieepedia does for Star Wars and Memory Alpha does for Star Trek.
  • Collaborative journal-style articles – RPG Museum is also looking for balanced and well-researched articles on all sorts of role-playing game topics, written in a somewhat formal (but fun and interesting) style. If you’ve ever visited, you have some idea of the sort of article: medium-length pieces that tie together lots of ideas for the benefit of beginners and experts alike. While not explicitly a how-to site, some articles may take the form of helpful guides.
  • Guides to information – As much as possible, RPG Museum aims to connect people to quality resources, such as RPG-focused web sites, forums, and blogs. The organization of such information is a WIP, but is vital to our mission to keep our content current and user-friendly.
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