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For the game of the same name, see Session Zero (game).[1]

Session zero or session 0 of a new campaign or game is the first session where the group discuss the upcoming game before starting to play the story. A session zero typically includes an overview of the setting, system, table and player expectations, scheduling, and other "meta" aspects of playing the game. A GM using an existing setting may provide the other players with lore of the game world and possibly a map, with the time period and information about recent events in the fictional world.

Session zero also often includes the character creation for each player character, or reviewing and confirming what the players have prepared ahead of time to be sure it will fit rules, setting, and theme of the campaign ahead.

Few game rules explicitly require a group to have a session zero, making it optional, but it is good practice to hold one for a solid start to a campaign. A session zero will be potentially unnecessary before one-shots, particularly ones in which the group already have shared expectations (including an understanding of the system and setting), either because the group has formed previously and is experienced in the game being played or because the game incorporates parts of session zero into its one-shot mechanics (as certain indie games do).

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