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12:12, May 31, 2020Strahd.png (file)137 KBSupermorff (Strahd von Zarovich from the cover of the book ''I, Strahd: Memories of a Vampire''. Via Wikipedia)
21:20, May 17, 2020AaronAllstonsStrikeForceCover.jpg (file)43 KBPlatonicSolid 
04:42, March 29, 2020MordsTomeFoes.jpg (file)47 KBPlatonicSolid (Cover art by Jason Rainville)
09:43, March 28, 2020Smallville Roleplaying Game Corebook Cover.jpg (file)43 KBSupermorff (Cover of the Corebook of ''Smallville''.)
21:20, March 27, 2020Hillfolk, RPG cover.png (file)142 KBSupermorff (Cover of ''Hillfolk'', with cover illustration by Scott Neil.)
17:54, March 21, 2020FantasyHeroCompleteCover.jpg (file)45 KBPlatonicSolid (by Sam Flegal)
17:24, March 14, 2020Blades in the Dark.jpg (file)17 KBSupermorff (Cover of ''Blades in the Dark''. Via [ Wikipedia].)
15:57, March 8, 2020D20.jpg (file)237 KBSupermorff (A red d20.)
15:18, March 8, 20204d6 in different colours with pips.jpg (file)43 KBSupermorff (4 six-sided dice (d6) in different colours, with pips instead of numerals. Via [ Wikimedia Commons]. Originally uploaded by Diacritica on 2010-12-07, and available under CC-BY-SA.)
15:01, March 8, 2020D12 rhombic dodecahedron.JPG (file)520 KBSupermorff (A d12 in the form of a rhombic dodecahedron. Via [ Wikimedia Commons]. Originally uploaded by Saharasav on 30 September 2014 and available under CC-BY-SA.)
14:58, March 8, 20203d12 in different colours.jpg (file)259 KBSupermorff (3 regular dodecahedral d12s, each in a different colour.)
13:15, March 8, 2020Monster Manual (1e) Cover by David C. Sutherland III.jpg (file)25 KBSupermorff (Cover of ''Monster Manual (1977)'' for ''Advanced Dungeons & Dragons'', with art by David C. Sutherland III. Via [ Wikipedia].)
13:10, March 8, 2020Monster Manual II (1e) Cover by Jeff Easley.jpg (file)23 KBSupermorff (Cover of the ''Monster Manual II (1983)'' for ''Advanced Dungeons & Dragons'', with art by Jeff Easley. Via [ Wikipedia])
19:13, March 7, 2020Favicon.ico (file)1 KBSupermorff 
17:19, March 7, 2020Wiki-wordmark.png (file)6 KBSupermorff 
15:13, March 7, 2020Dice (typical role-playing game dice).jpg (file)86 KBSupermorff (This image is a selection of dice commonly used in role-playing games, including one each of the following types: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20. This image is from Wikimedia Commons ([
13:13, March 6, 2020DianaJonesAward.jpg (file)27 KBSupermorff (The Diana Jones Award. (via Wikipedia))
21:09, March 3, 2020Apocalypse World 2nd edition cover.jpg (file)81 KBSupermorff (This image is the cover of ''Apocalypse World'' 2nd edition, by D. Vincent Baker and Meguey Baker. The photo is credited to alesmunt / 123RF Stock Photo.)
21:16, March 2, 2020D&d Box1st.jpg (file)122 KBSupermorff (This is the cover of the Dungeons & Dragons (1974) boxed set.)
20:26, March 2, 2020Swords & Spells cover.jpg (file)27 KBSupermorff (This is the front cover art for the book ''Swords & Spells''.)
19:27, March 2, 2020KuntzJamesSupplementIVCover.png (file)104 KBSupermorff (This is the front cover art for the book ''Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes''.)
15:57, March 1, 2020Eldritch Wizardry cover.jpg (file)31 KBSupermorff (This is the front cover art for the book ''Eldritch Wizardry''. Art is by Deborah Larson.)
17:24, February 29, 2020Call of Cthulhu 1st edition boxed set cover (2nd printing).png (file)498 KBSupermorff (Cover of the ''Call of Cthulhu'' 1st edition boxed set, art by Gene Day. This image is from the second printing, as it includes the addition of the roundel in the top-right hand corner. Via [
18:47, February 24, 2020SpaceGoblinsCover.png (file)63 KBBasiliskOnline 
18:22, February 2, 2020Wiki.png (file)3 KBSupermorff (Updated to match new wordmark)
17:08, February 2, 2020Game world concepts.png (file)11 KBSupermorff 
17:07, February 2, 2020Genres.png (file)13 KBSupermorff 
17:07, February 2, 2020Culture.png (file)5 KBSupermorff 
17:06, February 2, 2020Games.png (file)12 KBSupermorff 
17:06, February 2, 2020Theory.png (file)11 KBSupermorff 
17:05, February 2, 2020Design.png (file)12 KBSupermorff 
17:04, February 2, 2020Role-playing.png (file)12 KBSupermorff 
17:02, February 2, 2020GMing.png (file)9 KBSupermorff 
23:41, February 1, 2020B4TheLostCityCover.jpg (file)48 KBPlatonicSolid (Cover art)
04:29, January 27, 2020DungeonCrawlClassicsCover.jpg (file)304 KBPlatonicSolid (Covert by Doug Kovacs)
04:21, January 27, 2020LamentationsFullCover.jpg (file)36 KBPlatonicSolid (Cover art)
23:54, January 26, 2020TomeofSalvationCover.jpg (file)163 KBPlatonicSolid (Cover for Tome of Salvation)
23:52, January 26, 2020MagicAEGCover.jpg (file)86 KBPlatonicSolid (Cover art for Magic)
23:23, January 26, 2020ChampionsCompleteCover.jpg (file)51 KBPlatonicSolid (Cover art by Sam R. Kennedy)
22:54, January 26, 2020OOTS0555.gif (file)16 KBPlatonicSolid (Order of the Stick #555 panel.)
08:53, January 26, 2020EldritchSkiesCover.jpg (file)45 KBPlatonicSolid (by Joel Biske)
08:46, January 26, 2020GhostsofSaltmarshCover.png (file)152 KBPlatonicSolid (By Grzegorz Rutkowski)
01:13, January 20, 2020Mystara-logo.png (file)24 KBPlatonicSolid (Logo used after the official launch of the Mystara product line)
04:12, December 18, 2019The Chronicles of Talislanta (1E) cover.png (file)1.12 MBPlatonicSolid 
04:04, December 18, 2019CastlescrusadesPHB cover.jpg (file)20 KBPlatonicSolid 
03:58, December 18, 2019GAZ12 cover.jpg (file)99 KBPlatonicSolid 
04:41, December 9, 2019PZO2101.jpg (file)348 KBPlatonicSolid (Downloaded from
21:55, October 16, 2019TSL Cover.png (file)3.54 MBSmokinDeist 
20:41, October 16, 2019Talislanta Tenth Anniversary Edition - Front Cover.jpg (file)2.23 MBSmokinDeist 
18:12, April 25, 2019The Shady Dragon Inn.jpg (file)18 KBPlatonicSolid 

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