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12:19, August 7, 2020Twilight Imperium, The Role-Playing Game.jpg (file)29 KBSupermorff (Cover of ''Twilight Imperium''. Via [,_The_Role-Playing_Game.jpg Wikipedia].)
09:40, August 2, 2020GelatinouscubeMonstrousMenagerie.jpg (file)27 KBPlatonicSolid 
19:10, August 1, 2020DarkTrollSpecialists.jpg (file)160 KBPlatonicSolid 
06:02, August 1, 2020OrientalAdventures1985Cover.jpg (file)30 KBPlatonicSolid 
05:59, August 1, 2020ADDFightersRangersPaladins.jpg (file)149 KBPlatonicSolid 
04:34, August 1, 2020Hextor.jpg (file)57 KBPlatonicSolid 
00:36, July 29, 2020B4ZargonP23.png (file)213 KBPlatonicSolid 
00:35, July 29, 2020ElderEvilsZargon.jpg (file)58 KBPlatonicSolid 
20:58, July 28, 2020TheArcanum1985Cover.jpg (file)2.69 MBPlatonicSolid 
00:55, July 25, 2020True20RevisedCover.jpg (file)63 KBPlatonicSolid 
15:34, July 24, 2020Lords of Madness book cover.jpg (file)32 KBSupermorff (Cover of ''Lord of Madness'', via [ Wikipedia].)
09:38, July 24, 2020D4.jpg (file)4.09 MBSupermorff (A d4 (4-sided die), with the result on the low end of the dice, here reading 2. Via [ Wikimedia Commons].)
09:31, July 24, 2020D100.jpg (file)127 KBSupermorff (A d100 or Percentile dice are used to generate a random number between 1-100 (with one die showing the 1's place and the other showing the 10's place; and zero on both dice resulting in 100). Via [ Wi...)
09:14, July 24, 2020White Fudge Dice.jpg (file)983 KBSupermorff (Four white Fudge dice (dF), from [ Wikimedia Commons].)
20:42, July 22, 2020Rebellion Era CG.jpg (file)82 KBSupermorff (Cover of the ''Rebellion Era Campaign Guide''. Cover art by Jason Chan.)
17:28, July 22, 2020TorgMiniaturesTC.jpg (file)57 KBPlatonicSolid 
22:54, July 21, 2020WitchraftSecondPrintingCover.jpg (file)25 KBPlatonicSolid 
22:43, July 21, 2020RavagonsPage27.jpg (file)2.48 MBPlatonicSolid 
22:42, July 21, 2020RavagonsPage5.jpg (file)2.62 MBPlatonicSolid 
22:38, July 21, 2020RavagonsCover.jpg (file)3.15 MBPlatonicSolid 
06:21, July 21, 2020TorgMiniaturesCatalog.jpg (file)383 KBPlatonicSolid 
03:33, July 21, 2020TorgEternitySplash.jpg (file)102 KBPlatonicSolid 
03:26, July 21, 2020TorgECoreRulesCover.jpg (file)239 KBPlatonicSolid 
02:53, July 21, 2020TorgDie.jpg (file)13 KBPlatonicSolid 
02:51, July 21, 2020TorgWorldbookInterior.jpg (file)3.39 MBPlatonicSolid 
02:50, July 21, 2020TorgWorldbook.JPG (file)2.09 MBPlatonicSolid 
02:50, July 21, 2020TorgAdventureBook.jpg (file)3.73 MBPlatonicSolid 
02:49, July 21, 2020Torg1990Cover.jpg (file)3.45 MBPlatonicSolid 
23:26, July 20, 2020GuildmastersGuideToRavnicaCover.png (file)160 KBPlatonicSolid 
06:58, July 19, 2020The Gamers Dorkness Rising poster.jpg (file)686 KBSupermorff (Poster art of ''The Gamers: Dorkness Rising'' by Conner Marx, used for the the 2015 Kickstarter for the Definitive Edition Blu-Ray (
06:34, July 19, 2020The Gamers Director's Cut.jpeg (file)148 KBSupermorff (Cover of ''The Gamers'' Director's Cut DVD, via
05:22, July 19, 2020Neogi-3e.jpg (file)75 KBPlatonicSolid 
19:14, July 18, 2020LegendCover.jpg (file)150 KBPlatonicSolid 
10:25, July 18, 2020Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game.jpg (file)59 KBSupermorff (Cover of the first edition of ''Mouse Guard''.)
05:45, July 18, 2020HPLovecraftsDreamlandsFifthEditionCover.jpg (file)40 KBPlatonicSolid 
06:02, July 12, 2020DungeonWorld (1991) title.jpg (file)24 KB0BaneStar0 
15:04, July 11, 2020AoE logo.jpg (file)58 KBAgesOfEssence 
12:12, May 31, 2020Strahd.png (file)137 KBSupermorff (Strahd von Zarovich from the cover of the book ''I, Strahd: Memories of a Vampire''. Via Wikipedia)
21:20, May 17, 2020AaronAllstonsStrikeForceCover.jpg (file)43 KBPlatonicSolid 
04:42, March 29, 2020MordsTomeFoes.jpg (file)47 KBPlatonicSolid (Cover art by Jason Rainville)
09:43, March 28, 2020Smallville Roleplaying Game Corebook Cover.jpg (file)43 KBSupermorff (Cover of the Corebook of ''Smallville''.)
21:20, March 27, 2020Hillfolk, RPG cover.png (file)142 KBSupermorff (Cover of ''Hillfolk'', with cover illustration by Scott Neil.)
17:54, March 21, 2020FantasyHeroCompleteCover.jpg (file)45 KBPlatonicSolid (by Sam Flegal)
17:24, March 14, 2020Blades in the Dark.jpg (file)17 KBSupermorff (Cover of ''Blades in the Dark''. Via [ Wikipedia].)
15:57, March 8, 2020D20.jpg (file)237 KBSupermorff (A red d20.)
15:18, March 8, 20204d6 in different colours with pips.jpg (file)43 KBSupermorff (4 six-sided dice (d6) in different colours, with pips instead of numerals. Via [ Wikimedia Commons]. Originally uploaded by Diacritica on 2010-12-07, and available under CC-BY-SA.)
15:01, March 8, 2020D12 rhombic dodecahedron.JPG (file)520 KBSupermorff (A d12 in the form of a rhombic dodecahedron. Via [ Wikimedia Commons]. Originally uploaded by Saharasav on 30 September 2014 and available under CC-BY-SA.)
14:58, March 8, 20203d12 in different colours.jpg (file)259 KBSupermorff (3 regular dodecahedral d12s, each in a different colour.)
13:15, March 8, 2020Monster Manual (1e) Cover by David C. Sutherland III.jpg (file)25 KBSupermorff (Cover of ''Monster Manual (1977)'' for ''Advanced Dungeons & Dragons'', with art by David C. Sutherland III. Via [ Wikipedia].)
13:10, March 8, 2020Monster Manual II (1e) Cover by Jeff Easley.jpg (file)23 KBSupermorff (Cover of the ''Monster Manual II (1983)'' for ''Advanced Dungeons & Dragons'', with art by Jeff Easley. Via [ Wikipedia])

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