Star Wars is a media franchise that begins with Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, a space opera created by George Lucas. Since that time, it has spawned a trilogy, a prequel trilogy, novels, comic books, several animated series, and a number of role-playing games.

Star Wars role-playing gamesEdit

West End GamesEdit

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West End Games published a Star Wars role-playing game based on a pool of d6s, one of the earliest dice pool designs. It also used a simple template-based character creation system as its foundation and introduced the concept of Dark Side Points.

The game spawned a second edition. It included somewhat more complex rules and unified content spread out among several sourcebooks. There was a third edition, called Second Edition (Revised), that restored some simplicity to the system while preserving some of the innovations.

Wizards of the CoastEdit

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Wizards of the Coast put out a Star Wars roleplaying game concurrently with the release of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. It was based on the d20 System and used similar mechanics to Dungeons & Dragons.

A second edition made marked changes to the game system, introducing Vitality and Wound points, among other changes.

Star Wars Saga Edition made a greater departure from the D&D rules. It has little backwards compatibility, featuring a streamlined design, a return to hit points, and an entirely new Force power system.

Fantasy Flight Games Edit

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Fantasy Flight Games put out a series of games based on Star Wars, using a set of custom dice for resolution. The games, which are all cross-compatible, are Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Star Wars: Age of Rebellion and Star Wars: Force and Destiny.


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