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This page is about a type of trait in RPGs. For statistics in the analytical sense, see probabilities.

A statistic or stat is a trait that is associated with a piece of data (often an integer, die size or dice pool), that represents an aspect of a character, and that interacts with the game mechanics.

A game's core resolution mechanic is often directly connected to the primary statistics (i.e. basic stats not derived from other traits) of the player characters. Characters may also have secondary statistics (which are derived from other traits).

A stat block is the collection of stats relevant to a particular entity. For a player character, stats are collected on a player's character sheet (which may or may not include traits other than stats).

Example statistics[]

Stats are often classified into several different categories or trait sets, but these sets and the specific stats in them vary by game system. Sets that may be used include:

Other types of statistics that do not fall into such categories may include:

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