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Supergame (1980)

Supergame is an obscure superhero role-playing game by Jay and Aimee Hartlove which was originally published in 1980 by DAG Design with a revised and expanded second edition in 1982. Aimee Hartlove drew the illustrations. The premise of the game is that each player is given 250 points to "build a superhero". This included the Prime Statistics along with super powers, devices, trainings, and abilities. It is believed that this building process was taken from Superhero 2044 although it used only 140. Also, Supergame named powers listed in the core book where Superhero 2044 didn't.

Extensive use of ratios were used to figure out the outcome of each play session. Experience points are allotted to each player at the end of a play session to add to their character's Prime Statistics however they saw fit, depending on what actions that character took and how they fared from the outcome. Six pre-created characters (three heroes and three villians) are featured near the end of the revised book along with a play session as an example to the players and Game Master.

At least two supplements were known to be published to accompany the core book, titled Reactor and Heroes of Poseidon. The core book sold for $6.95 in 1983 and could be ordered by mail at: DAG Design, 1810 14th Street #101, Santa Monica, CA. 90404 with $1.00 postage required. Eric Gerds did the editing. Don Gerds and Bill Lancaster were technical advisors. Printing was done at TRI Graphics at 1723 21st Street, Santa Monica, CA., 90405.