This infobox is for use on pages of books and other publications (not necessarily role-playing games or systems).

Example usage

Any field can be left blank if not needed.

{{Infobox book
|name        = ''Book Title'' (defaults to the page title in italics)
|image       = cover.jpg
|caption     = Image caption
|author      = Relevant writer/author (if only one)
|authors     = All relevant writers/authors (if multiple)
|editor      = Relevant editor (particularly for anthologies)
|artist      = Relevant artist (if only one)
|artists     = All relevant artists, including cover artists
|game        = [[Role-playing game]] that the book relates to
|content     = What the book contains, e.g. [[core]] [[rulebook]]
|publisher   = Company that published the book
|date        = Publication date
|media_type  = Media type (e.g. paperback, hardback, e-book, [[pdf]])
|language    = Language the book is in
|productcode = The relevant [[product code]]
|isbn        = The [[wikipedia:International Standard Book Number|ISBN]]
|pages       = Page count

Empty code:

{{Infobox book
|name        = 
|image       = 
|caption     = 
|author      = 
|authors     = 
|editor      = 
|artist      = 
|artists     = 
|game        = 
|content     = 
|publisher   = 
|date        = 
|media_type  = 
|language    = 
|productcode = 
|isbn        = 
|pages       = 
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