This infobox is for use on pages of games and game systems (not necessarily the books or publications that they are published in).

Example usage

{{Infobox game
|name        = ''Game title''
|image       = game.jpg
|caption     = Image caption
|designer    = Game designer, if only one
|designers   = Game designers, if more than one
|publisher   = Game publisher
|rulebook    = Rulebook if there is only one
|rulebooks   = Rulebooks if there are more than one
|supplements = Any key supplements
|date        = Release date
|resolution  = Description of resolution method (e.g. random, deterministic, type of dice used)
|genre       = Relevant genre(s)
|system      = System that the game uses
|web         = Web page for the game

Empty code

{{Infobox game
|name        = 
|image       = 
|caption     = 
|designer    = 
|designers   = 
|publisher   = 
|rulebook    = 
|rulebooks   = 
|supplements = 
|date        = 
|resolution  = 
|genre       = 
|system      = 
|web         = 
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