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OSS: The Office of Strategic Services .
'''''Top Secret''''' is a modern-day espionage [[role-playing game]] by [[Merle M. Rasmussen]]. It was first published in 1980 by [[TSR]].
[ TSG Games Co.]
You are asked to answer your countries call to duty!
The Office of Strategic Services role playing game of modern espionage. The players take the role of Clandestine Para-military Officers who take the most dangerous jobs. The jobs of counter-terrorism. You are the first line of defense.
Your enemies are many...
This game is new. First published August 2009 by Dave Johnson
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It is in the spirit of the game "Top Secret" by TSR.
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Top Secret is a modern-day espionage role-playing game by Merle M. Rasmussen. It was first published in 1980 by TSR.

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