A troglodyte from Dungeons & Dragons.

A troglodyte is a cave-dweller. The term is commonly associated with "cave men," i.e. Neanderthals or early humans. The name has been used for a number of fantasy races with diverse characteristics.

Troglodytes in D&DEdit

In Dungeons & Dragons, a troglodyte is a reptilian, cave-dwelling humanoid creature. They are known for their powerful chemical stench, which can briefly incapacitate other creatures. Although they are tool-users and sometimes produce capable spell-casters, such as druids and shamans, they do not have a high level of culture, although they are sometimes confederated with lizard folk or serve dragons as ruled subjects.

Troglodytes in the Palladium WorldEdit

In Palladium Role-Playing Game, troglodytes are cave-dwelling creatures with an appearance that blends mammal and reptile features, suggesting distant ancestry to mammals or dinosaurs. Although shy and peaceloving, they have an elemental fury that unleashes when they are seriously threatened. They have a primitive tool-using society and live communally, with little organized government.

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